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Brisbane Spirit Led Prayer Conference 2020

The days of great harvest are upon us, and now more than ever—the CHURCH needs to gather, to be equipped, to be refreshed, to be taught of the Word, to pray in one accord and to receive all that the Holy Spirit wants to impart for the days ahead! Along with Ps Terri Copeland Pearsons,…

How to Renew Your Hope

Have you ever faced the temptation to lose hope, grow weary and give up? Maybe you’re believing God for a miracle in your family, your body or your finances, but it’s just not happening. Has your faith failed? No, this is not the failure of your faith…it is a breakdown of your hope. What is hope? Real…

The Power of the Blood of Jesus

The power of the blood of Jesus has provided everything you need to live a life of victory, including Redemption, fellowship, healing, protection and authority over the devil. As Christians, we know about the blood, sing hymns about the blood, and remember it during Communion. But how many of us truly know how deep its…

Your New Life in the New Year

As you begin the new year, are you ready for a change, a new direction in life? Get four steps to help you start your new life in the new year. Do you want to live the life that up until now you’ve only dreamed of, yet haven’t been sure where to start? While many New…

2020 – New Visions, Manifest Power, Great Change!

NEW VISIONS Increase of visions and dreams Insights, ideas and concepts New concepts of His love, His very person, for He is Love MANIFEST POWER Powerful outpouring and great revival among our sons and daughters Laws of the Spirit that release miracles, divine healings and manifestations of His Almighty power on earth Greatest outpouring of…

Sow Your Seed

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