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A page from the Faith to Faith: Don’t Speak – Shout Your Victory!

“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised!” Psalm 113.3

Praise God. Praise Him in the morning. Praise Him at noon. Praise Him at night. If you’ve ever praised God in your life, then get started right now. Praise Him for freedom. Praise Him for healing and Calvary. Praise Him for the Name of Jesus. You ought to be shouting your way to work and shouting your way back home! If there’s anything the devil can’t stand, its praise.

If you’ve taken back your territory from the devil and he’s coming against you to get it back, this is not the time to sit down and whine about how things aren’t working out. It’s not time to decide that God has taken His hand off your life.

It is the time to get into the Word and get yourself re-anchored in God’s promises. It’s time to keep those promises constantly before your eyes and in your heart. It’s time to pray the prayer of faith and take your stand on the basis of His provision. It is time to continue to do the things you know to do.

When Satan starts shaking your mountain, don’t retreat and run for cover. Speak to the mountain with the authority you wield in the Name of Jesus Christ. Then, when you’re done with that, start to praise and shout your victory. You don’t have to be afraid of Satan. He’ll be afraid of you!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 50

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