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BVOV is Changing Lives.

Everywhere you look, faith is under attack. Flip on your TV and you’ll see Christian values de-valued on just about every show. Like you, we’ve had enough. And we’re doing something about it. Over the years, through the Believers Voice of Victory (BVOV) broadcast, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have helped believers grow in the things of God by teaching and introducing them to the Word of God, bringing them to a deeper understanding of God’s WORD and the practical application of spiritual principles for everyday life.
Helping you find a voice of victory for your family—with positive programming on healing, finances, relationships, finding peace and more. You’ll always hear the Word of God taught—uncompromised—by a hand-selected group of today’s most-trusted Bible teachers.

Read how the BVOV broadcast has impacted these viewers:

Just a quick word to say thank you – I used to watch KCM years ago and have been recently started watching again – why did I ever stop? Just busyness of the world slowly drawn away – BUT Something has shifted I know in my spirit – a very real excitement God speaking to me through everything I look at from your January magazine to your daily broadcasts. It has stirred a hunger I thought I had lost. Thank God I feel like my whole life is going to change for better – God IS going to visit my household – something stirring and so grateful for such faithful ministers THANK YOU and may God continue to bless you with long life and every spiritual blessing.R.A, Australia

I do chaplaincy in Wollongong hospital with another friend, mostly in Cancer Care. My friend spoke with a man in the hospital who had been raised a Catholic but walked away as he felt it was just religion and nothing more. She showed him the BVOV broadcast and he started watching it every morning. He was amazed at how simple it was and that he could have a relationship with God. He gave his life to God and has since passed on to glory! –  S.J, Australia

Since listening and watching the broadcast on “done with debt” my financial situation has changed and increase is on the rise. God’s Word through Gloria and George about owing no man anything but to love him really spoke to my heart. I took the Word in and believed it. It was Gods Rhema Word for me, I confessed it. I cut up my credit cards and declared I will lend to many nations and shall not borrow and I will no longer be in debt, I am debt free. Well, that was on the 1st September. Since then, I have been faithfully sowing each Friday into KCM. Only a small amount, but I am believing for the hundredfold return. God gave me an action plan to get out of debt. Hallelujah. What God has taught me is it’s not necessarily the amount, it’s the soil of my heart to receive and in my confession. I have increased hours at work, favour, and doors of opportunity are opening up for me where there wasn’t any before. I just want to give God all the praise for His Word, it really does work. For His promises, His sacrifice by sending Jesus to redeem me from lack and the curse and for also being so faithful. He gets all the glory. Giving was challenging for me in the past having so little, but I’ve got to say when you step out in faith even with a little, God meets you halfway. I am so thrilled with how faithful God is. Amen. Thank you KCM for being faithful to deliver Gods uncompromised word. It has changed my life.T.B, Australia

As more and more ways to “watch TV” have become available, many viewers are choosing to cancel their paid television subscriptions and trade those monthly bills for lower-cost and even free ways to watch their favourite programs.  This is especially true for viewers who are already paying for an Internet subscription since many programs are now available online or through streaming media devices like Apple TV (4th Generation) at no extra cost.
We also understand that with your busy schedule, it may have been difficult to find time to watch the Broadcasts on TV. With the transition to digital platforms in the Australasia Pacific region, you can now watch Broadcasts at a time, place and device that suits you. WATCH IT ON KCM.ORG.AU NOW or FIND A WAY TO SUIT YOU HERE
Help BVOVN continue to spread The Word of Faith everywhere. Your seed ensures believers will continue to enjoy complete immersion in the Word day or night…and that the word of faith will be preached to the ends of the earth. GIVE HERE

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