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Can God protect my children?

Q. After the recent school shootings, I have become more and more concerned about the safety of my children. I’d like to believe God will protect them. But can I really know for sure that He will?

A. Yes! You can be sure God will protect your children because He’s specifically said He will. His written WORD is absolutely full of promises that, if you will believe and act on them, will guarantee the safety of you and your children— regardless of how dangerous the world around you becomes. One of the most powerful ways to build your faith and activate promises like these in your life is to incorporate them into your prayers every day. Jeremiah 1:12 says God watches over His WORD to perform it, so it makes solid, spiritual sense to pray The WORD! Here’s a sample prayer that’s packed with scriptural promises to help you get started: Prayer “Father, I believe You contend with him who contends with me, and You give safety to my children and ease them day by day. I confess that according to Psalm 91, You give Your angels special charge over my children, to accompany and defend and preserve them. No evil shall befall them, no accident shall overtake them, nor shall any plague or calamity come near them. “Father, I thank You that You keep my children’s feet from being caught in a trap or hidden danger. And I know Your WORD says they are taught by You and great is their peace. I commit my children to Your care and protection. You are my confidence, firm and strong, and I am persuaded that You are able to guard and keep that which I’ve committed to You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”
Read: Jeremiah 1:12 Psalm 91

By Kenneth Copeland taken from the BVOV Magazine April 2013

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