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From the Director’s Desk: I’m Your Partner

“20 years ago the course of my life was dramatically altered when I heard a preacher by the name of Kenneth Copeland via a video tape teach that I could take Jesus at His word and expect everything He promises to manifest in my life. All I needed to do was to respond in faith, by agreeing with Him and then doing whatever He says. I’d never heard anything like this before in my life, and if it’s true then it’s a game changer.

This began a wonderful journey of being rooted and grounded in my Heavenly Father’s love for me personally. The more of His love I was able to receive, the easier it was to trust in His eternal Word and the more I trusted His love for me, the easier it was to do whatever He says. I’ve learned that everything He asks of us, is for our benefit; our advantage; our success; our victory, regardless of how it might seem in the natural. The boy with the loaves of bread and fish could be excused for thinking he’d lost his lunch, but in Jesus’ hands he fed a multitude, and then went home with an abundance for his family.

Through that journey, one of the most challenging areas of faith and trust for me personally was in the area of financial submission. In my earlier adult life as a Business graduate and later as a businessman, I believed the only way to prosper financially was by your intelligence and hard work. What the world calls, ‘self-made’. In my way of thinking, giving money away was the sure fire way to lose wealth and riches.

The Word of God has much to say about wealth, finances, giving, partnership, inheritance, tithing, poverty, generosity, lack, riches, tax, lending, interest, etc. All very familiar terminology to a businessman. The difference was that everything God said about money was contrary to most things I had been taught or known.

I want to share with you the moment when my eyes were opened to the plan of God to prosper His children. That day I began to learn that you cannot serve God and wealth, but that I could serve God with wealth.

After about six months of feeding on the ministry of the Word from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, our lives and the lives of our children had literally been transformed from darkness to light. When praying one day, my wife Jane was praying for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and the whole KCM team. She asked God to ‘Bless the Copeland’s’ and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the TV program, the teaching resources, and the BVOV magazine. Then she heard in a still small voice, “And how would you like me to do that?”

When I arrived home that night, Jane shared with me, what she had prayed and heard. I didn’t even need to hear anything else once she told me what the Lord asked her. I exclaimed out loud, as if it had been hiding on the inside, ‘We need to help them! We need to get involved!’ What a joy it was to send our first gift to confirm our Partnership commitment. This began our journey with KCM and opened the doorway to God’s powerful revelation on Partnership.

From that day until now we’ve continued to grow in our revelation, anointing and call to Partnership with KCM, and we continue to increase in our capacity to give and our capacity to receive. God has been faithful to His promise to multiply the seed sown and supply an abundance for every good work.

Jane and I believe that everything we’ve ever sown is still producing a harvest in our lives and in the lives of those ministered too through KCM. A hundredfold! What a wonderful joy to know that your seed is still producing a mighty harvest. Right now there is someone in the world, just like me 20 years ago, hearing the word of faith, hearing of God’s love, hearing His willingness to heal, hearing that He wants them to prosper, and our seed is right in the middle of it, producing life and freedom for the hearer.

Let the Holy Spirit minister to you about your Partnership calling. Ask Him what He wants you to do. My advice is the same as Mary’s to the servants at the wedding feast in Cana when they’d run out of wine. “Whatever He says to you, do it.” (John 2:5) When you respond in obedience to Jesus, His Word will liberate your finances, your generosity, and His plan to prosper you. Step into your calling today, boldly believing for a mighty harvest. Remember God’s love is always trying to get more to you, not from you.”

David Welsh,

Executive Director. Kenneth Copeland Ministries Australasia

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