Four Ways To Make Faith A Family Affair

The family that lives out their faith together sees victory together! Even if you weren’t raised in an atmosphere of faith, you can create one for your children, your grandchildren and your entire family when you set out to create an atmosphere that puts God first place and pursues Him every day in every way. Create your own legacy of faith, and make faith a family affair with these four fun and easy tips!

1. Use the Power of Repetition

Children, especially, enjoy repetition. It feels safe, secure and predictable. The familiar, like a well-loved, warm blanket, is comforting. The same is true with traditions and routines in your family. You can make faith a routine using the power of repetition by using the following suggestions or coming up with some of your own.

Establish a family scripture verse that embodies what you stand for. (Matthew 6:33 is one example.) Create a routine in which you say this verse aloud as a family at a particular time each day—maybe around the dinner table or when going to bed. If using Matthew 6:33, for example, you could say, “The Jones family seeks first God’s kingdom and His righteousness. As we do, everything we need and desire will be given to us.”

Speak a blessing of protection over the family each morning using the same words and scripture. (Psalm 91 is a great one.)

2. Make It Fun To Learn About the Bible

Encourage each family member to spend their own time in the Word each day in preparation for family activities. When kids are getting bored and a bit on the wild side, grab a bowl of chocolate chips or M&Ms® from the cupboard, and ask if they want to play The Chocolate Chip Game or The M&M® Game. (Note: They’ll say yes!) Then, start asking questions about the Bible. Each correct answer earns one piece of candy (or any other treat you choose).

As they grow in this activity, you can plan to host a Family Bible Challenge. Assign kids of any age (up to teens!) one or two small challenges and one significant challenge in Bible knowledge. Allow them a week or so to prepare, and set a date for the big day. Make it an event! Include snacks, music and prizes. Challenges can include short memory verses or the reading of a long passage of Scripture before the challenge, followed by discussion questions. More substantial challenges can include memorising longer passages of Scripture, like Psalm 91. (With help, kids as young as 3 have accomplished this feat!)

3. Talk About God’s Goodness All the Time

Make the decision today to never let a day with your family go by without talking about the goodness of God. It can be a short mention of His goodness or sharing a powerful miracle God did for you recently. Make a point of talking about His goodness when you wake up, when you’re out and about, and when you’re hanging around the house. At dinnertime, go around the dinner table and ask each person to share one thing they’re praying for and one answer to prayer or miracle they’ve seen God work in their lives recently. Then, send your family praise report to us. We would love to hear about all the amazing breakthroughs God has prepared for you.

4. Pray Together

Many people are shy about praying in front of others. You can change that!

You can model powerful prayer in front of your family and demonstrate how to use spiritual warfare in any situation. Be bold in your prayers, and show them that prayer and faith are nothing to be ashamed of.

Gather your family around for a time of prayer together. Ask for each family member’s input about what should be prayed over at that moment. Maybe your family will pray for your nation, your community, the schools or the neighbourhood. Perhaps there is someone you know who is facing a trial, and your family can join together to intercede.

As the Holy Spirit leads, you can even prophesy over one another and lay hands on each other. Let it be a sweet time of ministry in your home as you make faith a daily happening.

You can use these four fun and easy tips to make faith a family affair, and build your own legacy of faith. But don’t stop there! Keep looking for new ways to bring faith to the centre of your home and life, and let your light shine in your family and your community.

Watch Kellie Copeland talk about the impact of a faith filled family affair and the legacy it leaves.

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