God Has Your Best Interest at Heart

[icon]icon-quotes-left[/icon] In 2003, I got married & my husband & l both made the decision not to rent, but to buy our first home. At that time my husband was working & I was a full time student at Bible College. Not even 6 months later, after buying our home my husband’s company decided to close their doors. We found ourselves broke & with a mortgage that we could not afford! My husband applied for so many jobs, but he could not seem to get a job. We did not understand why God closed every doorway for him to work in a corporate job, & all he could get was factory work. My husband always lived a very comfortable lifestyle, & it was hard for him to accept factory work. I believe God started dealing with him, & God started to strip him from depending on the worlds system & from borrowing money. The conditions of this house that we lived in were not comfortable whatsoever. It was an old weatherboard house, run down inside & out. The floor was sloping to one side. The bathroom was not useable & the kitchen was tiny. We had to renovate the bathroom, & kitchen with old recyclable material. At one stage I was using a camp burner to cook because the oven & stove broke down. Our furniture were peoples unwanted goods. Our fist sofa was from the side of the road! My windows had newspaper instead of curtains at one stage, and my laundry was outside.  On top of that we had possums running around at night in our roof & mice on the floors. We had to make do with what we had & we learnt very quickly to be grateful with what we had.



I remember for a few weeks all we did was cry out to God, to help us. We could not see how God could turn this around for us. During those two years at Bible College, a friend of mine introduced me to KCM. We had never heard anyone teach & preach with such Power & Authority. They opened up the Bible in a whole new light for us. I would borrow cassette tapes from the library, also watch KCM on TV & my husband would download everything he could get his hands on. Brother Kenneth & Sister Gloria showed us how faith works, how to use faith & get results. Our journey began when we heard Brother Kenneth preach on “Kinds of Prayer Petition & Supplication”, He talked about “How to Write a Petition & enter into the Throne Room of God.” Pressure from the bank were on us at that time, because we were late every month on our payment. So we did what we heard, took time to research the Bible for our promises & typed it out. We got dressed up in our finest clothes, went into the Throne room of God on our knees with praise & worship, as the servants of the Most High God. We came into agreement, we presented our petition, signed it, took communion & came again in praise & worship that we have received it & it is done for us. That week, we also sowed a seed for our brand new house and later shared our petition with our old Pastor at that time & he told us that we should just sell & rent. Another Pastor said that ” It’s OK to borrow money from the bank, & just because it worked for Brother Copeland, it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else”. We knew straight away that what God put in our hearts, no one around us could see the promise in the Word of God (Mk 11 : 22-24). So we had to keep it to ourselves. If the bank didn’t put pressure on us, the devil did by telling us that it will never happen, so quit now & sell, you are not the Copeland’s, you have no chance. We had family & people from our old church telling us we are crazy to live like this, it was a very hard battle we went through. But the more we listened to KCM the more our faith & love began to grow for the Word of God, we learnt that we have a covenant with God, that we are the “Seed” of Abraham. That “The Blessing” is to become a blessing to other people around us. We had to put the Word of God first place & final authority in our lives if we wanted to see God move on our behalf. We started to see & hear of miracles manifesting around us. We understood the power & importance in sowing seeds & we both made a promise to each other that every opportunity we get, we will sow seeds. So God put it on our heart to provide meals for church’s & people around us.



Not even 6 years later, a developer knocked on our door and offered to build 3 town houses on our block and gave us a choice to have 1 out of the 3 town houses. Finally the houses were built & the developer sold No. 2 & 3. God gave us favour because they sold for a record price in our area & our home loan was paid out. PRAISE JESUS!!! To our surprise the developer knocked on our door again & handed us a cheque which we never expected. It was enough money to fill the house with brand new furniture and pay out all our debts. If that wasn’t enough God blessed us again. Since we moved in our new & debt free house, my husband no longer had factory work, but God opened a door way for him to become a licensed Builder (Domestic & Commercial). School was payed for through a program from the Government valued at 23K & gave him 10K for new tools. –  It was one of his hearts desires, but he never saw how he could afford to go to school & still pay bills! I thank God for Brother Kenneth & Sister Gloria because they have spiritually fed us & helped us to learn how to live victorious in every situation of our lives. Thank you once again for your obedience to God! [icon]icon-quote2[/icon]


Partner Report by Olympia Matthews, Melbourne, Australia.

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