Heirs to Gods Glory

Heirs to Gods Glory

We are all heirs to Gods glory. The treasure—the Spirit of God, the life of God in us, the glory of God in us, heaven on the inside of us—makes us strong, makes us not crushed, makes us not driven to despair, makes us not abandoned, and prevents us from being destroyed because we are heirs to His glory. The power in us is from God, and doesn’t come from our own abilities. That’s why when struggles come, we can’t rely on ourselves. “This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith” (1 John 5:4). 

Access The Treasure In You

Allow God to work in the dark places of your heart, repent and enjoy walking in a life of victory in His presence!  When circumstances aren’t what they should be, we need to get our information from the right source. Your feelings are sending you information about the natural state of things, not God’s truth.  Our feelings can be indicators, but they are not to direct how we respond. The life of God in us must take precedence over what we see and feel. 

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word. We’ve got to put the Word in our ears and our eyes continually. The Bible is the book of faith. If you don’t ever open it, you won’t have faith. Receiving your full inherence as an heir starts with staying in the Word every day, growing faith-to-faith.

Look to Jesus

The treasure within you is the Spirit of God living on the inside of you. You can trust the Lord with all of your shame, mistakes and sin. When you turn everything over to Him, you access the treasure that He put on the inside of you. That’s where glory is found, that’s where victory is found, that is where every fruit of the spirit comes to abound. You have to access the treasure and live a life from the inside out. 

The fruit of the spirit is the evidence and proof that you have accessed what God has placed inside you. The fruit must be yielded and developed. It takes time. When you allow God to get into your mess, to correct the areas that need fixing, you get changed on the inside. When you get in the Word, and you begin to see what belongs to you, you grow and get stronger, and it changes your circumstances. You get more prosperous, you get more blessed, you get more healed. 

Jesus is Unfailing

A good father corrects his children, and does not leave them to themselves. God is a perfect Father. His unfailing love will cleanse you, deliver you, heal you. He wants you to be in perfect fellowship with Him. He will show you how. We are heirs of the glory of God. He put His glory in us, His Spirit in us, and He wants it to come out as a reflection of Him. When we turn to Him, and see Him without filters or veils, we begin to reflect Him. 

If you want to run the race with endurance, you must keep your eyes on Him. That means looking at Him, and not shame, pride or judgment. He took your shame on the Cross, so you would not be separated from Him. Shame separates you from God—it takes you out of His presence. It is never His will for you to be out of His presence. That’s why He put His Spirit on the inside of you. 

The purpose of God’s correction is to mold us and shape us as a potter does clay. It may be uncomfortable for a season, but the outcome is glorious. 

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