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Real Life Testimonies  from Partners & Friends of Kenneth Copeland Ministries..

In August I called in and I asked you to pray for my Nephew Jeremiah Ellawala who was born on the 15th August and the doctor said that he is diagnosed with Down syndrome. We all started praying and stood on Our Lord Almighty’s word for healing and his promises day and night. We prayed with faith reading and incorporating the healing scripture which our Lord has given us. Your prayer partner prayed with me. During the visit to the doctor after one month later, even the doctor himself was amazed to see the change and the difference in the baby. Praise God Jeremiah is perfect. Every cell in his little body is normal and perfect; every chromosome is normal and perfect. To God be all the Glory and Praise. Thank you KCM and the prayer Group for your prayers. Our Lord is so faithful and we have a prayer answering God. Jesus is Lord. May God bless you richly. NR, Sri Lanka


I am so thankful and grateful to our God and KCM prayer team. All good news has arrived this month (July 2014). My niece’s University has approved her to stay to repeat her year one study, I have chance to meet with my brother whom I did not have a good relationship with previously and I got a good result in my work appraisal. Thank you so much KCM’s prayer team. Thank you Lord Jesus! Praise God! God Bless KCM! WH, Hong Kong


I just want to praise and glorify God who has been so good to me. As I am a partner of KCM, my life, my finances and my family life has changed. Glory to God! Yes, we have gone through tough and difficult times. We have faced problems, trials and battles but because of all the prayers over me, God never allow us to be defeated. KCM have taught me on how to live by faith. I am so blessed and I grew spiritually through your teachings, books, CD’s and Magazine. Being a partner with KCM and contributing small amount of funds, God honoured it and he begun to prosper me. He has blessed me and the work of my hands. In Sept 22, 2013 (on my birthday), I was interviewed and filmed by BBC news; it was on Singapore to help fight the days of my fellow domestic helpers. In Oct 22, 2013, I was interviewed by Renters and my story went out and was published around the world by New York Post. It was by Saudi Gazette, Philippine Star etc and it was on Yahoo, Google etc. Thousands of people were inspired and I cried for joy. I made a prayer unto God for him to use me and to inspire others and to be a blessing to others. I never expected it to be in this way. In April 22, 2014, The News Paper interviewed me and published my story. The Lord knows how many people are inspired by my story. All I can say is that God connected me to KCM and taught me the principle of Partnership, giving and tithing. I am reaping in God’s blessing. Glory to God! Praise his Holy name for using me, as I am uneducated. He used me to inspire the life of others. Thank you KCM for feeding me with The Word of God. I Love You! LP, Singapore


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