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Take Your Place Of Victory

Take Your Place of Victory

To be absent from the body is to be present with The LORD, if you know Him as your Saviour, so how do you take your place of victory? There are seven core values for faith people. The Bible is a book of covenants, each sealed in blood – God was the covenant Friend of Abraham. As faith people we put The WORD of God first place and as final authority because God’s WORD is a book of correction, direction, perfection and protection.

Your place in victory starts in these seven core values. They govern the Kenneth Copeland Ministry and the Copelands lives:

  1. We put The WORD of God first place and make it final authority. Whatever it says I am, I am. Whatever it says I have, I have. Whatever it says I can do, I can do with His help.
  2. We live by faith. The just shall live by faith; faith makes prayer work.
  3. We walk in Love.
  4. We are led by the Holy Spirit.
  5. We pray about everything (Luke 18:1).
  6. We honor God (1 Samuel 2:30).
  7. We protect the anointing because without it we can do nothing

Whatever you are called to do, do it using these core values, and you will be victorious. Believers are led by the Holy Spirit, because Romans 8:15 tells us that we are the sons and daughters of God by adoption. The WORD of God and the Spirit agree. The WORD is the power of the Spirit.

Prophecy given to Brother Kenneth

I’m the high ground, saith The LORD. I stand and walk and think in a higher place. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. My ways are higher than your ways, so come on up here with Me. Come up into this place. When you accepted My Son as your Saviour, I raised you up to sit with Him in heavenly places. You are looking down on the things of the earth and the things of the devil. Take the high place.

Walk in honour; walk in goodness and Love. Keep My WORDS; walk in My WORDS. My WORDS are stout and they are strong. If you put My WORDS in your heart and in your mouth, then they will not only help and make you free, they will make others free that see and hear what you are doing and saying. For I am The LORD God and there is now, now, now, now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit, but after My WORD, so rejoice and be glad in it for I am coming soon.

Watch Brother Kenneth Copeland and Professor Greg Stephens teach about the seven core values that will bring you victory!

Make it Personal

Jesus did all the hard part. He went to hell. He did it all—but He couldn’t pray your prayer for you. You must pray to receive Jesus as Saviour and LORD. Pray the salvation prayer with us. Say, “Jesus, I receive You as my LORD and Saviour. Come into my heart, take my life, and fill me with Your Spirit. Thank You. Now you are a new creature, a child of God.

The Hebrew word translated apple means “the pupil” of the eye. That is the most tender spot of the body. When someone comes against God’s people, he is poking his finger in God’s eye—that’s not good. Psalm 17:8 says God’s people are the apple of His eye. Take your place of victory in the Spirit of Power. God’s Love will help you get to the place of victory.

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