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Partnership Changes Everything

GOD NEEDS US TO REACH THE WORLD — TOGETHER Partnership with Kenneth Copeland Ministries is about more than just giving to a ministry. It’s a covenant and a joining together in faith, and it’s being a part of something bigger than yourself. Partnership allows you to reach far beyond your personal sphere of influence so that…

Q: Is there hope for someone lost in an addiction?

A: With regard to bringing deliverance to another person, we have good news for you—there is deliverance through God’s Word! Anything which kills, steals and destroys is from Satan (John 10:10), and Jesus came to the earth for the purpose of destroying his works (1 John 3:8). So there is deliverance! Bondage to destructive habits…

Is Your Spiritual Life Boring?

Are you excited about what the Lord is doing in your life? Do you live in constant contact with Him and see the Holy Spirit regularly working in your daily life, work and relationships? Or is your spiritual life boring? Do you love the Lord, read your Bible, attend church and serve in outreaches without…

receive the love - believe the love

Receive the Love, Believe the Love – Part 2

God loves me. He gave himself for me. He is my Lord and Saviour. He loves me. He cares for me! I receive God’s love in my spirit, in my mind and in my body! I receive the love in my family and in my social life! I am filled with all the fullness of…

Sow Your Seed

Your generosity enables us to minister the good news of the gospel to the world—from broadcasting the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast to staffing a Christian prayer team.

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