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2021 will be a year of: DIVINE HEALTH

When it comes to living in divine health, or anything else for that matter, there is a delicate balance between living by faith and putting feet to your faith (having works that match the faith). We know that “faith without works is dead” (James 2:17), but there can also be a temptation to move completely over into the flesh and operate fully in the natural. 

The good news? God has called us to live by faith andworks, and He always provides a way for us to obey Him. Here are three ways to combine faith with works to live in divine health.

1. Consult the Word of God First

One way to keep yourself from moving into the flesh is to consult the Word of God first in every situation. When it comes to living in divine health, you may be trying to change your diet, find motivation for exercising, or find the right medical care. Whatever your question, the Word of God is the answer. The Bible is a living document. What is so amazing about this is that God can use His Word to get a personal and specific message right to you. All you have to do is have an ear to hear and a heart to perceive. Spend time in His Word, and allow Him to give you counsel about those things you desire to know.

2. Tune In to the Holy Spirit

God’s will is for you to live in divine health—with energy and vitality, at a healthy weight, sleeping well, with a clear mind and the confidence to go along with it. His will is notfor you to have sickness, disease, degeneration of any kind, or to age like the world does. He wants you to live long and strong on the earth, and fulfil His plans and purposes for your life!

So, you can be sure He is speaking to you about these very things. If you seek Him, you will find Him, when you seek Him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13). How do you seek Him with all your heart? You pursue Him by reading His Word, spending daily time in prayer, and listening to His still, small voice.

Ask Him to tell you what to do about any areas of your health that concern you. Seek Him. Then…listen. You may have to keep listening before you hear Him loud and clear, but He will speak to you. Then, be willing to make changes where He points out a need to do so.

3. Take Steps in the Natural

When you’re faced with a situation in your health, it may be tempting to do justwhat makes sense in the natural. To combine faith with works, any steps you take in the natural should be fuelled by faith, and faith has nothing to do with fear. If your actions are motivated by fear, you can be sure you are out of alignment.

Many Christians ask, “Is it OK to take medicine if I’m standing in faith for healing?” Kenneth Copeland has said many times that it is not wise to stop taking medication or to refuse to seek medical advice when you are standing in faith for healing. You continue to do what you have been advised until your faith rises up, and you receive your healing.

Ultimately, everything you do in the natural should be according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Before you make up your mind to do something, seek Him and listen. Then, step out with works that correspond to your faith, based on the peace in your heart. When you’ve spent time on the first two steps, you’ll be prepared to operate in wisdom when it’s time to take steps in the natural.

When it comes to living in divine health, there are a lot of opinions out there! The only way to be certain you are doing what is right for your body is to consult the Creator. Allow Him to be part of keeping you in divine health. Then, and only then, will you feel confident in stepping out and taking action.

When you consult the Word of God and tune in to the Holy Spirit, you can be certain that your actions will be faith-filled and bring results! Don’t overthink it—you can stand in faith, take action in the natural, and see God work in miraculous ways. You can live in divine health all your days!

Watch Kenneth Copeland and Keith Moore teach you how to be led by the Spirit.

Daily Confessions for Living in Divine Health

  • I am a believer! I believe the Word of God above anything and anyone else. I believe His Word above my thoughts and feelings. His Word is truth! (Proverbs 4:20-22)
  • I am not led by my flesh in the choices I make with food.I am not tempted by processed or sugary foods. Instead, I am led by the Spirit and eat what is healthy and life-giving for my physical body. I have a spirit of self-control, and I am in control of the foods I eat every day. (Galatians 5:22-23, 25; 1 Corinthians 6:12)
  • Today, I speak life, strength, health, energy and vitality to my body. No matter how I’m feeling right now, I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I do not receive sickness. I do not receive disease. I do not receive malfunction in my body of any kind. I do not receive fatigue or any other attack on my body. I receive the life, strength and energy of God!(Ephesians 6:10; James 4:7)
  • I am strong and healthy. I enjoy exercise, and I take time to strengthen my body. I do this so I can be a blessing to those around me and have the energy to serve the Lord in every way He asks. I am increasing in endurance, and I purpose to make exercise a regular part of my daily life. (1 Timothy 4:8)
  • I have supernatural knowledge about how to take care of my body. I am led by the Spirit of God about how to approach whole-life health. I do not let the world dictate how I care for my body, but I seek the Lord in making decisions. (Romans 8:14)
  • God has said to me that with long life He will satisfy me, so I declare now in the Name of Jesus that I will live long and strong on the earth. Like Moses, my eyesight will not grow dim. Like the Israelites, I will not be feeble; I will increase in strength and memory—not decrease. I do not receive the world’s views about ageing. I am getting stronger and healthier every day! (Psalm 91:16; Deuteronomy 34:7)
  • Jesus is the Name above all names. His Name is above every sickness and disease, and every sickness and disease must bow to His Name. So, I speak the Name of Jesus over every part of my body today. I declare that His Name is driving out anything that is under the curse, because He has redeemed me from the curse!(Philippians 2:9; Galatians 3:13)
  • I speak supernatural energy and health to my body. I am not moved by lying symptoms. I call myself strong in Jesus’ Name. I call myself healed in Jesus’ Name. Weakness, pain, tiredness—I speak to you in the Name of Jesus and command you to leave my body. You may not stay—you must go! My strength and youth are being renewed as the eagle’s. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Psalm 103:5; Philippians 4:13)

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