The Impact: Empower International

The Impact: Empower International

As each gift comes in, we receive it, bless it and put it to work. Not only does it enable us to fulfil the KCM mission, but part of that mission is sowing into other ministries also fulfilling their mission – meaning your seed goes further and reaches more people! Have a look at the impact our KCM Partners are making through Empower International.

Empower International is a non-profit organisation committed to empowering next-generation leaders. Their vision is to express the message of God’s love and salvation to people who have never heard it before. They work to empower existing and emerging Christian leaders to communicate this message with their people, by word and deed. They’ve established bases in Thailand, Myanmar, and Pakistan, where volunteers and national staff work together to carry out this mission.

When you partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you become as much a part of KCM as Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. All that God has commissioned Kenneth and Gloria Copeland to do is done with the help of a team, and partnership is about coming alongside them to be a part of that team. Partnership connects you with the work, the rewards and the anointing of this ministry. The grace and anointing on them comes on you, and you share the heavenly reward for every soul won, every person healed and every life changed.

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