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We pray for you everyday!

Our ministry desires more than anything in this world to help you discover God’s principles to live in health, peace, joy and prosperity. This ministry is not about us; it’s about how we can come alongside you – encouraging you, strengthening you and sharing in His glory with you. Lives are changed by prayer, which is why we have a prayer department that you can call, write or email to. Our ministry is dedicated to praying and standing with you in whatever you may be facing.

What does a day in the life of the prayer department look like?

Christina: We start our day by watching the broadcast together and praying for our partners, a very powerful time! Simply put, the rest of the day is spent responding to the prayer needs of our friends and partners mainly through the mail, email, and telephone. It is a very diverse job because you are hearing from people that are in such different stages of their journey. Some people are calling to request prayer, some are calling to give you a praise report, some are sowing seeds in faith for the things they are believing for and others are just in need of some encouragement! Wherever they are at, we are ready to stand in faith with them and ready to celebrate with them when the breakthrough comes!

Rob: To be a blessing to our partners! And make life tough for the adversary.


What does being a prayer minister at Kenneth Copeland Ministries mean to you?

Nancy: It is such a privilege to offer prayer according to the Word of God and to minister hope into people’s lives under the anointing of KCM. As Christians, we are all ministers. Luke 4: 18 says The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind. To set at liberty those who are oppressed. I love that I as I come under the corporate anointing of KCM I am partnered and empowered by that same anointing – as if Kenneth or Gloria was praying personally for each person.

Prema: God gives us instructions to pray for others in several places in the Bible. Being a prayer minister at Kenneth Copeland Ministries is such an honour. Through prayer, God is using me to touch the lives of many people – even those I have never met. He wants me to think like He does and praying for our Partners and Friends helps me to think beyond myself and helps me to reflect God’s outgoing love and mercy.


I’m sure you have lots of stories where you have really seen God move in someone’s life that you have stood in agreement with in prayer…could you share one that has stood out to you?

Nancy: Testimonies are like oxygen to me! I remember an exciting testimony from a caller who had struggled with fear in their life since they were 4 years old and had always had trouble sleeping. We prayed together according to the Word and I recommended some teaching products. They called back with a praise report saying they had slept through the night for the first time in 80 years! Fears that they had battled since they were 4 years old were totally gone. People had told them, fear was normal. Now they were experiencing the TRUTH. They continued to work with the Holy Spirit and rang back a second and third time over the next few weeks. Each time they were filled with joy where they had identified fear and replaced it with faith. It was so exciting to share in their joy.

Prema: One of our Partners called to ask for our prayer of agreement for the restoration of her marriage. She has been married for years and was about to become a grandmother. Her husband told her that he doesn’t love her anymore and wanted to leave her. I stood in agreement with her, asked God to move on her behalf, to touch the heart of her husband and to heal and restore their marriage. After 1 week she sent a letter thanking us for standing in faith with her and shared how God has answered our prayer of restoring and healing her marriage. The enemy wanted to destroy their relationship but God gave them the victory.

Rob: A precious lady; Whom I will keep her name private would call often and ask for prayer for her marriage. She and her husband were distant in their relationship, getting further and further apart from each other. But this sweet lady was not prepared to stand by a let satan rob her of the God kind of marriage the word of God speaks about. She would tenaciously continue to hold onto her faith guns as it were, being bold enough to call for agreement prayer often for her breakthrough. I have personallyprayed with her many times. But the wonderful thing is they are still married and their relationship continues to get stronger and stronger. Glory to God!

Christina: This lady had called last year and doctors had found a tumour on her brain. Whilst doctors were able to remove the tumour over 2 surgeries they were very concerned that she would lose leg function due to the location of the tumour. She always loved exercise and was some kind of fitness instructor so it was quite a major setback. She rang the ministry to thank us for our prayers and to let us know that 3 days after surgery she was back on her bike embarking on 18km rides and back at the gym teaching classes. She followed through with the final round of chemotherapy and experienced no sickness, pain, sleepiness and took no pain medication the entire time. God moved powerfully in this woman’s life and I have never forgotten it!


How has working as a prayer minister at KCM impacted & changed your life?

Boni: Being able to minister and stand with someone for their needs builds my own faith and walk with the Lord.

Christina: Being a prayer minister has definitely changed my life! I often used to pray internally so at first the idea of praying out loud on the phones with someone was a little bit daunting, but God is good, he gives us everything that we need to fulfil his calling!  God has really grown me through this role and it has definitely impacted my prayer life for the better! Boldness and faith in prayer are continuing to increase day by day!

Rob: For over eleven years now ministering to the partners and friends of KCM. Standing with them through faith, hearing about the awesome testimonies and life experiences where the Word of God and prayer has brought them victory in many different areas of their lives. From physical healing; some minor and some very major life-threatening illnesses – receive healing. Financial pressures – receiving increase and breakthrough, family relationships – restored, and the salvation of their loved ones. You name it I have had the privilege to stand with the partners and believe with them for breakthrough and answered prayer. In a nutshell! How has working as a prayer ministry impacted my life personally? Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death”.  To always put the Word of God first place, no matter what!

Nancy: My relationship with KCM has empowered me in so many areas. First of all, it has made me aware at a whole new level that the Word must take first place and final authority in my own life. I have been challenged to become skilful in the Word and to always walk in love – always. Personally being a partner with KCM has put me on a “spiritual growth” journey and it never seems to end. I am always learning and growing.


What would you say to someone who was thinking about becoming a Partner with KCM?

Boni: Being a partner with the ministry is being able to minister and be a blessing to them through Brother Kenneth’s partner letter and the Believer’s Academy area and gifts. By supporting through prayer and giving to the ministry they receive in the anointing that is upon Kenneth and Gloria as they get the word out to more people through the magazine and broadcast.

Prema: At Kenneth Copeland Ministries, our Partners are at the heart of everything we do! When you become a Partner with us we are linked together spiritually and therefore, we can accomplish greater things for the glory of God. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and the entire KCM staff around the world are committed to praying for you daily. Being a Partner also means that you will also receive a monthly letter from Kenneth in which he shares special messages the Lord has laid on his heart just for our Partners. You will also receive special gifts and materials that will encourage you and build your faith. Remember anytime you contact us, you can be assured that the answers you receive and our prayers of agreement will be based on God’s Word. Be a part of something BIG today!

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