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How to Pray in The Name Above All Names

Do you receive whatever you ask of God in prayer? When we look at Jesus’ example, He taught us how to pray in His Name. The Name above all Names! Many believers don’t know that, but it’s true. Jesus Himself said so. He didn’t say it just once, either. He said it again and again….

Forgiveness: Points to get you there!

There’s nothing more practical and predictable than faith in God’s Word. It always produces dependable, consistent results. When it doesn’t, it’s because there’s a problem somewhere, and often the problem is unforgiveness. If you want to receive what you’re believing God for, always be quick to forgive. Here are some points to help you: Forgiveness…

6 Keys to Living a Healthy, Happy Life

Are you living the life you want to live? Are your spirit, mind and body in perfect sync? Do you greet each morning with joy? If not, you may not be living the healthy, happy life God desires you to live. If you want to live with joy, freedom and well-being in every area of…

How to Believe for an Unsaved Spouse

Leave it to Jesus to answer with four words the questions that all the psychologists and marriage experts in the world can’t answer with a million. Leave it to Him to solve today’s complex problems with a scripture so simple even a child can understand it, and so broad it covers every possible situation, including…


We are writing to let you know that we’re currently preparing to close our KCM operation in Singapore and will be transitioning all services throughout Asia to the Australian Office. We would firstly like to thank and acknowledge the staff that have served you in the Singapore office over the past 5 years for their…


Pushpay, the new, fast & simple way to give!

Cash and cheques are disappearing fast! Existing online and mobile solutions seem complex and can cause you to give up, or sometimes life just get’s in the way! It seems opportunities to easily express generosity just don’t exist… or do they? We want to introduce to a new way of giving, PUSHPAY! It’s a revolutionary…

Q: Is speaking in tongues of the devil?

A: No! When you ask the heavenly Father for one of His promises, you will never be given something from the devil. Jesus said in Luke 11:10-13: “For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. You fathers—if your children ask for a fish, do…

Compassion Has a Plan

Set priorities. Put first things first. Major on the majors…and don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ve all heard the slogans. Experts tell us they’re the key to success. But with so many things clamouring for our attention, how do we determine what things to put first? How do we discover a life in Christ? How…

Can God protect my children?

Q. After the recent school shootings, I have become more and more concerned about the safety of my children. I’d like to believe God will protect them. But can I really know for sure that He will? A. Yes! You can be sure God will protect your children because He’s specifically said He will. His…

Realise your dreams

God wants you to have great expectations. He wants you to dream big, Word-based, Holy Spirit-inspired dreams, and He wants to make those dreams come true. For Him to do so, however, you must stay with the faith program and be patient. You must keep believing and refuse to quit on your dreams, no matter…

Sow Your Seed

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