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Your Choices and God's Spirit

Three Ways to Judge Your Dreams and Visions

Dreams and visions are two ways God speaks to His children. There are three major ways you can judge if your dreams and visions are from The Lord. In Joel 2:28, God promised, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and…

Your Choices and God’s Spirit

Have you ever wondered how your choices testify for your faith? As a believer your choices are a reflection of God’s direction in your life. When the enemy tries to cause doubt and chaos and you don’t know if you are hearing God’s voice or your own, remember that God will never subject you to a temptation that you cannot triumph over! You already have the victory! God’s Word and your inner witness never contradict each other, but they’re both a vital part of your walk with God.

Your Identity in Christ

What does having an identity in Christ mean? What Jesus did on the cross forever defined your identity as a believer—something many people wrestle with today. Jesus died on our behalf, but Galatians 2:20 shows us that when we made Jesus our Lord, we partook of what He did for us. When He was crucified, spiritually speaking, we were crucified with Him; we died with Him; we were buried and made alive with Him; we were raised up together with Him, and we were seated in heavenly places together with Him.

Great Is Your Faithfulness

Great Is Your Faithfulness

The faithfulness of God will help you in every circumstance of your life. He is faithful to bless us beyond measure, and supplies more than what is needed. He does infinitely beyond what we dare to ask or think. Why? Because He is faithful. And GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!

Rise Up and Sit

Rise Up and Sit

How do you occupy your position in heavenly places and appropriate what Jesus has done for you? Being raised up and seated at the same time is to be promoted to a sonship through the Salvation of Christ Jesus. This means you no longer have to be subject to your circumstance.

Renew My Mind

What Does It Mean to “Renew My Mind”?

Renewing your mind is an important part of living a successful Christian life. But, what exactly does it mean? Renewing your mind means to focus your life around making The WORD final authority over every circumstance. God’s word is alive and it the living voice from heaven. So, you can fearlessly act on the written WORD of God, just by renewing your mind.

Cast Your Cares on Jesus

Three Ways To Cast Your Cares on Jesus

When Jesus said cast all your cares upon me, He meant it! When a crisis looms our concerns quickly morph into fear and disarms our faith. But, The WORD directs us on how we can be better equip ourselves against the sin of worry. Here are three practical things you can do to help cast all your cares upon Him.

The Anointed Woman

The Anointed Woman

Mothers play a very important role in our lives. They are the anointed woman. They are the bond that holds our families, our churches and our communities together. Mothers are anointed to nurture us into our kingdom purpose. The bible encourages us to honour our mothers daily. So, we honour and celebrate all the women…

Heirs to Gods Glory

Heirs to Gods Glory

The treasure—the Spirit of God, the life of God in us, the glory of God in us, heaven on the inside of us—makes us strong, makes us not crushed, makes us not driven to despair, makes us not abandoned, and prevents us from being destroyed because we are heirs to His glory.

Three ways to practice patience

Three Ways to Practice Patience

Patience has a twin—faith. Patience is like the vehicle that takes your faith to the finish line —where manifestation and victory are found. The WORD tells us that those who inherit the promises of God are those who employ both faith and patience in their journey. Without patience you will give up and you’ll never see the answer you desire

One Word Can Change Your Life

In the year of exciting blessings, we have introduced the Grow Series for you to achieve your full potential in Christ as you develop a deeper relationship with God. The Grow Series is a three-day study guide, based on Kenneth and Gloria’s teachings, designed for you to grow deeper in God. Filled with prayers, confessions and promises from God, the Grow Series is a moment for you to pause, meditate, and study The WORD until it becomes real in your life. 

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