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The Collective

Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose in the Lord.

re is a divine assignment for you. Everything you need to know about your divine assignment is in the Word. God’s WORD is alive. It is the living voice from heaven, just as you would if Jesus called your name and spoke with you personally.

Delay or Divine

Delay or Divine Interruption

What goes off in your head when the unexpected collides with your busyness and suddenly, you’re thrown into slow motion? Is it a delay or a divine interruption? Imagine, for a moment, living a lifestyle where you actually went looking for—even anticipating—those kinds of unscheduled interruptions, with the idea that something extraordinary is just around the corner. Thats exactly what…

Tithing in a Famine

Tithing In A Famine

Have you ever thought: I cannot afford to tithe in this famine. Remember what God did for Issac during a famine. He will do it again for you because God is vitally interested in your finances. He wants to multiply and protect them. But He won’t be able to—unless you open the door for Him…

New On Victory

New On VICTORY Channel!

The voice of VICTORY is needed to spur Christians to stand strong in their faith. TOGETHER, we are reaching more people than ever before through VICTORY Channel, and we’re not slowing down! We are continuously looking to expand our programming. We are increasing the number of available voices so more lives can be impacted by…

Take Your Place of Victory

Take Your Place Of Victory

To be absent from the body is to be present with The LORD, if you know Him as your Saviour, so how do you take your place of victory? There are seven core values for faith people. The Bible is a book of covenants, each sealed in blood – God was the covenant Friend of…

How to Pray for an Unsaved Loved Ones

How to Pray For An Unsaved Loved One

Your prayers can be a powerful force in the lives of the unsaved relatives and friends, if you know how to pray for them according to the wisdom and Word of God. But, how does anyone pray for an unsaved loved one? People often get discouraged when praying for the salvation of loved ones and…

Four Keys

Four Keys to Help You Receive From God

Do you know a believer who consistently prospers and walks in God’s goodness? It seems like they have everything, and they are always overflowing with joy, peace, health and prosperity. There are four keys to help you receive from God for your overflow because God intends for all of us, as His children, to walk…

Gods Supply Chain

God’s Supply Chain

Where ever you are in our region, you are most likely experiencing the shortages caused by supply-chain bottleneck issues. The entire world is experiencing record shortages of many products that consumers are used to having readily available. Items like food, household goods, electronics, automobiles and supplies of every kind—including baby formula. Prices are also increasing…

The Spirit of Power and Authority

The introduction of the Spirit of Power is found in the beginning of God’s WORD. In the Genesis account, it is written that the Spirit of God was moving on the earth, but nothing happened until God spoke it. Everything God did and does is good. Today is your receiving day. You are starting fresh! You are one day closer to the return of Jesus, because we are in the Eden covenant.

Activate Faith

Four Ways to Activate The Spirit of Power

Imagine if you activated the Spirit of Power the way you do Siri and Alexa. As a believer, you have the Spirit of Power with you 24/7! It’s simply a matter of learning how to activate and effectively use all that power – just like Siri and Alexa. Here are four ways to activate the Spirit of Power on your behalf ensuring that you reach your fullest potential and live your best life, every day.

Defying Death

Defying Death

Gabriel and Evelyn Alexander didn’t believe for a miracle because they wanted a testimony. To get that, they had to defy death. And, that they did! Planting their feet firmly in the power of their faith, Gabriel and Evelyn answered the call to serve, and invited the court of heaven to stand in agreement with them as they defied death to live their divine appointment.

Name Your Seed

Q: What is “Naming Your Seed”?

Kenneth urges everyone to name your seed. God desires to meet our needs and heal us simply because He loves us. What naming your seed does is establish a point of contact for your faith. God has plainly declared that we will walk in His blessings when we sow to the spirit. What matters ultimately is that we are seeking the Spirit of God and receiving His direction in our lives.

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