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We want to let you know we have just had a wonderful answer to prayer and you were a big part of this. Last week “out of the blue” one of your team phoned us offering a renewed subscription for your magazine. He also asked us if there was anything else he could do. We mentioned we had a prayer request.

We were on the verge of eviction from our flat due to a resale of the house we live in.  Despite us telling them we would like to continue living in the flat after the sale, under the new ownership (which is normal practice here), the current landlord, for no apparent reason, demanded our eviction prior to handover to the new owner. They had given us a date that was only weeks away and told us they had already told the new owner we would be out. This would have caused us much distress due to the nature of our home based business. We have been very good, reliable tenants in the house, so moving at this time would have caused a huge upheaval. Plus we did not have the funds to move, anyway. When the Lord wants you to move, He provides the will and the way to do it!!

 The agent was reluctant to give us the name and phone number of the new owner but after much persistence we were able to get her number but she said we would be unable to reach her. Your team member prayed a wonderful prayer for us and it was right in the spirit. The next day we were able to contact the new owner very easily. She said she had not been told that we wanted to continue living here and she said she would be very happy to take us on as tenants – so we could continue living here as before! Hallelujah Thank you Jesus. There will be a rent increase but we are confessing the blessing to meet that! We felt very strongly that this was a demonic attack against us to disrupt our living and the web design business the Lord has given us. The Lord showed us that the enemy was using the current landlord and agent to “kill, steal and destroy” and that we were not to accept this as a “done deal”. The Lord has confirmed this through the Word, your prayer and the wonderful answer to prayer we received.

 Isaiah 32 is a verse the Lord gave us for this house “My people shall live in peaceful dwelling places, secure homes and quiet resting places”. We will be staying here until the Lord wants us to move. Thank you for your prayers and we are now looking to the Lord to bless our home and business “working with our hands that which is good, so we may have to give to him who has need” Ephesians 4:28 – God bless your ministry greatly!

G.E – New Zealand

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