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“10 years ago my son went to live with his father. It broke my heart and so began a long road of prayer, tears and heartache. Over the years God encouraged me in my darkest hours. I read books, listened to tapes, CD and DVD to encourage myself in prayer and faith. I stumbled and broke down many times. I called KCM for prayer when I was in distress and needed encouragement and courage to go on over these 10 long years.

Thank you for all the prayer warriors who stood with me in faith and love through God’s Word. Earlier this year I bought KCM CD series ‘The Love Factor’ as the Lord directed me. As I listened to the teachings on love I became aware that I prayed out of fear and anxiety. I then started to pray for the love of God to rule in my heart and actions. I resisted fear and all its strongholds.

Over a few months God began moving within my heart. I have been saved since age 16, I am now 53. Through many different ways God totally broke through and gave me a heart transplant. I had a revival in my spiritual life and also in my devotional and personal life. I began to pray in faith and peace and strength came flooding in as I prayed each day. I also fasted over a period of 3 different occasions. I was filled with joy. I completely surrendered my life, the entire situation and my son’s life over to the Lord. My son returned home on May 14th this year, one day before his 21st Birthday! We celebrated with him together.

God had delivered him from a prison sentence and transformed his heart while in jail. We have been reunited, our relationship is growing and being restored. God has restored other relationships in our family also. I know this is just the beginning for our family and our future in the Lord. My son is a lovely, intelligent, articulate young man, and I am so proud of him. 

Thank you for standing with me, teaching me about faith, prayer and God’s amazing love. No matter what is happening in your life God is able to bring deliverance, freedom and restoration. The Lord has now raised me up as a prayer warrior as I stand in the gap for others. I Praise His Wonderful Name!

God bless you at KCM.”

 A.H – Australia 

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