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Real Partners, Real Stories

Read below, Real Life Testimonies from Partners & Friends of Kenneth Copeland Ministries..

“My name is Sean Eddington. My wife Carol Eddington recently planted a church called Covenant Christian Church in Victoria Australia. We also run a ministry call ARK Global Ministries.

We just want to thank Kenneth and Gloria Copeland so much for their help and love. Their teachings on “Covenant” transformed our lives and took us out of religion into a relationship with God.

We were caught up in a very controlling movement for 9 years under what was called discipleship. Which really was based on the covering theology. It was covenant teaching that showed us that God was a God of love, favour, mercy, grace, faithfulness, blessing and the list goes on. Not a God who is always angry and condemning us for failing. After receiving the Covenant Jesus of the Bible, amazing miracles started to begin to happen in our lives. Healings, financial prosperity and so much more. It’s also was rubbing off and affecting the other people in the church. Many people starting getting free also and many miracles were occurring.

We are so grateful for the covenant teaching which we believe made us begin to understand the bible. So we named the church after “covenant”. We strive to bless the community just as Jesus has freely blessed us. Freely as you have received freely give. Since the beginning of the ministry 7 months ago we have given out for free hundreds of gift cards, many food hampers and hundreds of Christian resources. All the resources we buy and give out freely are from KCM. We have seen so many people blessed and so many miracles. Recently we had a man healed of a cancerous ball in his lip and a lady healed of coeliac disease. Still the ministry continues to prosper and is blessing the community.”

S.E, Victoria, Australia 


“I just wanted to share a brief testimony from last week:

I am from busy Auckland, New Zealand and was driving home last Friday whilst listening to Gloria on a podcast. She was just sharing how she always prays for protection for family and she also said we don’t have the time not to pray, as it saves us time when we don’t get into a car crash etc.

I decided to pray right then for protection as the pre-Christmas craze was hitting the roads. About a minute later I found myself behind a driver showing strange behaviours, swerving, stopping without reason etc. My natural instinct wanted to overtake the car and leave him behind but the Spirit clearly told me to stay behind the car, as this is where I am in control. This barely ever happens to me and praise God I listened. I even decided to remember the number plate. About another minute later the driver in front of me hit the car in front of him and I was so thankful to God I had listened. I was saved from wasting time and costly visits to the panel beater. Thank you Copelands for continuing to speak truth into our lives daily.”

P.F, Whangaparaoa, NZ 


“Last week I was sitting in a meeting when I suddenly lost co-ordination, felt dizzy and couldn’t speak properly. My colleague could see that there was something wrong and called for an ambulance. It appeared that I had had a stroke. All kinds of negative thoughts flooded my mind. “You are a cripple. You are going to die. Look at you – your arm is useless. You’ll never work again. Now you’ll never be able to fulfil God’s purposes in your life.” My wife was standing against the same thoughts flooding her mind.

I did the only thing I knew to do. I stood against the thoughts, in Jesus’ name and declared “Jesus IS Lord.” At that point, the voices stopped. The hospital conducted a lot of tests before sending me home. I was disoriented and concerned about the future. Two days later I went to see my doctor. He was concerned that I had a “mini-stroke.” He said that it was “a warning” and could be followed by another, bigger stroke. He asked to see me again in six weeks. When I got home the hospital called to say that I needed to come in urgently for a full stroke assessment. Meantime I watched Kenneth and Jesse and also one of Gloria’s Healing School broadcasts. I read Psalm 89 and 90.
Monday morning I went back to the hospital. The doctor gave me a thorough examination, checked the scans and tests and gave me the results. There was no evidence of a stroke. He could not explain what had happened, except that I may have had a severe migraine. I’m so, so grateful for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. I still don’t understand what happened. My only explanation is that when we, as covenant partners stand together in Jesus’ name and on THE Word, demons are terrified! (James 2:19)”

C.M, Auckland, NZ 

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