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Real Partners. Real Stories

Read below, Real Life Testimonies from Partners & Friends of Kenneth Copeland Ministries…

I am 84 years old and have been battling fear all my life. On Friday I rang KCM for prayer. I have had a fear of doctors since I was a small boy and would awake with nightmares of doctors operating on me. I was also left handed and throughout school, I was smacked over the knuckles continually and told to use my right hand. I have talked to counsellors over the years and professional people and they have all told me to get over it. So I lived with it. I was at the end of my rope when I called KCM as I have been continually tormented by fear and haven’t slept through the night for over 5 years. I am also in a wheel chair with symptoms of severe arthritis. Well, it’s Monday morning and I had to call that I am on top of the world. I slept through the night all week end and am feeling on cloud nine!  All this time people told me to get over it. Praise God for KCM who knew what to do. I am so thankful for this ministry. My faith is encouraged and I will be enforcing my freedom. No going back.

L.S, Victoria, Australia 


Praise the Lord, I have a testimony to share with you- our God is a great and mysterious God, who does many great things in our lives to help us to make it better. We were in bondage of a huge debt of our house for about 5 years and because of that huge debt and my husband not having a good paid job, more debts were piling on us and it seemed like there was no end to any of it. But in my heart I knew God is our rock and salvation, our redeemer, our supplier, our healer, our provider, our deliverer, our everything and he is the God of impossibilities. So we always prayed for debt cancellation and I also encouraged my husband to fix our eyes on Jesus – the author and finisher of everything.

At the start of this year the payment for our house was delayed, after not being able to pay for 4 weeks including interest and waiting charge. We lost our house. The contract of the house was cancelled with the debts but we were allowed to rent in the same house. Praise God, we are glad it happened. Sometimes losing things is better than gaining them. Last month God blessed my husband with a good paying job where he desired to work for a long time. The amazing thing is this, Shalveen didn’t go looking for the job but the job came looking for Shalveen. Now we are believing for a better house and payments for the leftover small debts.

Again God protected us from cyclone Winston as the whole world knows. During the night of the cyclone we were praying and confessing Psalm 91 and Isaiah 54:17 over our families and friends and all of them were safe. The cyclone changed its route and didn’t come in our area. God is great! Thank you for your prayers and support, may God continue blessing and rewarding you all.

R.K, Nadi, Fiji


I want to let you know that the magazine has transformed my life and many others who come in contact with it in a tremendous way. Therefore, I must use this opportunity to thank KCM for stretching their hands to reach us that are in prison. Thanks for everything God is using you to do in our lives, my our Lord God Almighty continue to bless and replenish KCM for spreading the gospel around the world.

E.E, Thailand

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