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“KCM has been an avenue of Spiritual nourishment to both my husband and I and our 3 children since coming across a BVOV magazine at my work place in 2010. We have grown from strength to strength in our faith believing God for His heavenly provisions time and He has faithfully provided. Testament to this is the fact that I completed my Masters in medicine program fulfilling all necessary criteria and achieving excellence in it within a year alone -2014. We have built a bungalow style hut on our purchased land without any debt incurred – something we planned to do 2 years before. We plan to build several more soon. We are all in good health, and in fact I have been selected as a member of the PNG women softball team that will participate in South Pacific games here in PNG come July this year. It is a blessing to be a Partner with KCM. We continue to plant our seed of faith so that others can also be blessed by the Ministry like we have been, grow in faith and rely on God for all provisions of wealth, health, love, joy and peace at all times. Our God is a truly Awesome God! D.Z Papua New Guinea

“On the 21st October 2014 I received a letter from your prayer department after I sent in a prayer request for the sale of my shop so I could retire. I was so encouraged by the letter, and I kept standing in faith for the sale. One day, I took the letter, read over it and had communion. My daughter was with me, and she felt the Lord put a name on her heart. We called the lady that the Lord had pointed us to and asked her if she was interested in purchasing the shop and she said yes! One word from God and one phone call later we had sold the shop, on the 21st of March 2015 – exactly 5 months to the day! 16 Years ago I had nothing since my husband left me, I have God and KCM to thank for where I am now, God has restored to me everything I had lost and I am so grateful to the ministry for all the years of prayer and teaching. Thank you, thank you thank you!” J.P Australia

“This is a pre testimony, but very big for us. Please forward this to pastor George Pearsons and sister Gloria. Our business has been going up and down. I was so tired and stressed. The Holy Spirit directed me as a Partner go watch the BVOV broadcast. Our accountant ordered us don’t tithe, and as we listened our taxes fell even further behind. The broadcast on prospering in tough times just gave me a good shaking and it was as if I was grabbed by that Word out of my fear based paralysed state. Thank you! This is the second week I am tithing again. Oh how sweet and peaceful it is. On the 25st of February 2015 we have to face our accountants again. I am believing God for a miracle and I believe, I believe our business and finances will once again thrive. For me the miracle is that terrible knot in my stomach is gone. My hope is restored in Gods provision. I am not afraid of what the accountants say, because I know God will make a way. Thank You sister Gloria and Pastor George for preaching and withholding no good thing from us.” P.N New Zealand

“Hi, I’m 51 years old mother of two children. Presently I am working as a nurse. I have been a viewer of KCM’s DTV Broadcast since 2010 but not on a regular basis. At the start of the year, I fell ill and this lasted for a month and on the third week of February, I felt a lump on the left side of my neck. I have had series of blood test done and I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I started with a medication and to my surprise, the lump kept bothering me despite taking the medication three times a day. Because of my condition, I sought every free KCM healing teaching that the website has offered. The broadcast with study notes that was being anchored by Brother Kenneth and Jerry Savelle was very helpful and is amazing! I never felt such a hunger for God since I accepted the Lord. In the past, I couldn’t understand distinctively the words of Brother Kenneth because of his accent. But, at this broadcast, every word was so clear that I couldn’t wait to hear both of them speak the Word. Every time they spoke, tears flowed from my eyes out of the revelation I received. I thank you for your Ministry. I prayed regularly for KCM because of its generosity and love. A Word of Knowledge came into Brother Copeland and I claimed the healing for my throat and neck. The discomfort is getting less and less. Praise be to Jesus!!” J.C Philippines

“I am from a Hindu background and have accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour in 1999 when I was 33 years old. Lately, I have been going through terrible times with a loss in business, and lots of loans to be repaid, and also doing a job which has not paid me for 3 months. I get constant calls from the recovery people and I had constant fear which would remove my focus from Jesus to these problems. Then one day, my pastor gave me a magazine “Believers voice of Victory” June 2002 edition. In it, there is a message from Bro. Kenneth Copeland titled “Disarming Terrorism” – How Satan uses 5 tools to put fear in us and to steal our peace. I understood that the enemy is putting me through this mental harassment using the tools of persecution. As written by you, when we shine the full force of light of God’s word on Satan’s devices and renew our minds and words to what God has said, we expose a defeated and weapon less enemy. Since reading that article, I have prayed to God using the word of God to take care of my problems and I have totally overcome the fear and could let my spirit totally (100%) depend on my supernatural God. Thank you Bro. Kenneth Copeland, as even after 13 years later, your article has helped me. It is as though it was written for me. I watch you daily on God TV and keep getting blessed.” A.B India

“I would like to thank KCM prayer team for always keeping us in prayer. I want to Praise God for healing Vincent of his skin allergy, stomach condition and his throat. And for keeping our son safe as he travelled for his work and holiday, that God’s hand and protection is over his life. Lastly, I want to also thank God that the transaction of property in Malaysia went smoothly and the wealth was transferred into our hands.” V.T Singapore


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