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The Collective

How to Study the Bible

To understand how important studying the Word is, we must first understand that the Word of God is alive! The Word can really affect and have a life-changing impact on our day-to-day living. God reveals Himself through His Word.

You’re Worth It

You are the most beautiful thing He has ever seen and ever will see. Jesus is the Son of God. You probably already knew that. But what else is He? A lot. Jesus is the Word made flesh. Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy. Jesus is your teacher, preacher and healer. Jesus is your gift from God.

Join the Online KCM Partner Community

We’ve created a safe place for you to connect online with other KCM Partners in our exclusive KCM Partner Community! In the community, you can set up your profile, find partners in your local area, join special interest groups, stay encouraged and more. It’s a safe way for you to connect with others of like-minded…

Labourers Wanted

Sure, God’s kingdom includes heaven. But it’s also on earth. If we’ll learn how that kingdom operates we can enjoy its privileges, become its ambassadors and expand its influence.

How to be led by the Holy Spirit

Learning to accurately distinguish the leading of the Holy Spirit is perhaps the greatest challenge we can face. Abiding in the Lord and maintaining a living connection with Him begins with hearing and obeying Him.

Meet the International Directors of KCM

We want to introduce you to the team that look after our KCM offices all around the world. They have a heart for people and have taken up their call from God to help take the mission of Faith that God gave Kenneth Copeland 50 plus year’s ago!

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